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ARKADY DARELL -- Novelist, born 11/5 362 FE, died 1/7 443 FE. Although primarily a writer of fiction, Arkady Darell is best known or her biography of her grandmother; Bayta Darell. Based on first-hand information, it has for centuries served as a primary source of information concerning the Mule and his times. Like "Unkeyed Memories," her novel "Time and Time and over" is a stirring reflection of the brilliant Kalganian society of the early Interregnum, based, it is said, on a visit to Kalgan in her youth.

Arkady Darell
Arkady Darell
Born 12430 GE
362 FE
Died 12511 GE
443 FE
Gender Female
Homeworld Trantor
Affiliation Historic Writer
Era(s) Foundation Era

Arcadia "Arkady" Darell is a character who appears in Second Foundation. She is the daughter of Toran Darell II. She is a famous character that wrote historic novels. Arkady was born on Trantor while her father was conducting research on the Second Foundation at the Imperial Library. After the death of her mother in 365 FE, she and her father moved to Santanni, where her father worked with fellow electroneurologist Dr. Kleise. After five years on Santanni, her father returned to Terminus, where they lived at 55 Channel Drive in Stanmark, a suburb of Terminus City At the age of 14 she was precocious, romantic, and highly intelligent. When she overheard a conspiracy between her father, Pelleas Anthor and others, to track down the members of the Second Foundation, she decided to stow away in a private spaceship owned by her "uncle" Homir Munn, a librarian, to travel to Kalgan.

After some trouble on Kalgan with Lord Stettin she managed to escape, with the aid of Lady Callia and Preem Palver, to Trantor. There she eventually worked out a solution to the mystery of the Second Foundation's location. After the conclusion of the Stettinian War between the First Foundation and Kalgan in 377 FE, she returned to Terminus. In later life Arkady became a famous historical novelist, writing books about Kalganian society of the early Interregnum, although her most famous work is her biography of her grandmother.