Encyclopedia Galactica

BEL RIOSE -- In his relatively short career; Riose earned the title of "The Last of the Imperials" and earned it well. A study of his campaigns reveals him to be the equal of Peurifoy in strategic ability and his superior perhaps in his ability to handle men. That he was born in the days of the decline of the Empire made it all but impossible for him to equal Peurifoy's record as a conqueror. Yet he had his chance when, the first of the Empire's generals to do so, he faced the Foundation squarely.

Bel Riose
Gender Male
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Era(s) Foundation Era

Bel Riose was an officer of the Galactic Empire who held the rank of general and was known to be a brilliant tactician. He led an expedition to fight the Foundation the waning years of the Empire, but ended up being executed by order of Emperor Cleon II. The Emperor was afraid of his success and popularity, and with his death, the campaign against the Foundation was stopped.